The Strike is the 13th episode in the second season of the CBS television series The Nanny which was aired November 28, 1994.


Maxwell and Fran attract unwanted press attention due to an incident on the opening night of Maxwell's latest play: Maxwell forces Fran to cross a picket line.




  • Sally Jessy Raphael as Herself
  • Roger Keller as Photographer
  • Ron Melendez as Peter Bidwell
  • Marion Ramsey as Woman in Audience


(Maxwell is at his desk while C.C. looks at some notes and Niles was polishing the couch)
Maxwell: (to Niles) Niles, how long are you gonna polish that couch? The fumes are overwhelming.
Niles: After a while you don't notice them, sir. (coughs a little as he moves away from the couch) I couldn't resist the infomercial: "Unwanted dirt just slides right off!" (C.C. sits on the armrest before slipping off it and lands on the floor, spreading her notes all over the couch. Niles smirks as C.C. picks them up and glares at him) Voilà!

(C.C. leaves the office, only to slip and yelp in surprise, her notes landing in the office)
Niles: (looks at the can) It's also an excellent floor polish.


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