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The In-Law Who Came Forever is the 11th episode of Season 6 of The Nanny.


Fran's Aunt Frieda evicts Sylvia and Morty from their apartment, forcing them to move into the mansion.


Meanwhile, Maxwell and C.C. are trying to find a masculine model for their photo shoot, but the recommendations sent to them are not working out. Niles attempts to offer himself, but they decline before Maggie comes up to them, claiming her model boyfriend may know someone before Michael comes in, dressed for the part. To make Niles jealous, C.C. instantly hires Michael.


(Maxwell and C.C. are trying to find a masculine model for their new show before Maggie enters the dining room and comes over to her father)
Maggie: Hi, daddy.
Maxwell: Hello, sweetheart.
Maggie: Have you found your viral masculine model yet?
Maxwell: No, not yet. We shoot tomorrow.
Maggie: Oh, well, maybe Michael will know someone. (turns to the doorway) Honey!
(Michael enters the dining room, dressed as a builder, but has his muscular chest exposed)
Michael: How you doing? What's up?
Maxwell: (skeptical) Margret--
C.C.: Maxwell, let me handle this. (comes up to Michael) You're hired. The job pays $5,000. (turns to Niles) Sorry, Hume.