The Family Plumbing


February 9, 1994

Written by

Bill Lawrence

Directed by

Linda Day

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Maggie has a party that Maxwell won't let her go to and the house is running out of water. Fran calls her cousin Irving to fix it, and he brings his granddaughter Tiffany with him. Fran catches Brighton and Tiffany kissing, and Maxwell doesn't do anything about it. Fran accidentally runs into Maxwell taking a shower and he is so embarrassed he lets Maggie go to her party.

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  • Laurelyn Scharkey as Gigi
  • Jackie Tohn as Tiffany
  • Louis Guss as Cousin Irving
  • Melanie Good as Lulu

Quotes and Trivia Edit


Fran: Maggie has to learn to handle 14-year-old boys so that when she grows up, she can know how to handle full grown men who, when you think about it, are a lot like 14-year-old boys.

Niles: You may not look through the keyhole while your father is auditioning showgirls.
Brighton: Why not?
Niles: That's where I'll be.

Fran: Mr. Sheffield, I have to see you a sec!
Maxwell: I think you've seen quite enough.

Fran: I am so embarrassed!
Niles: Once, when I was just beginning in the service, I walked in on the Queen Mum.
Fran: In the shower?
Niles: On the throne.

Buxon Showgirl: What do you want be when you grow up?
Brighton: A halter top.

Grace: Look Fran, giant Barbie Dolls.
Fran: No honey, these toys are for boys.

C.C.: I wanted to do Twelve Angry Men.
Niles: But they didn't want to do you.

Trivia Edit

  • In this episode Fran says Maggie is 14 years old, soon to be 15. However in the previous episode "Maggie the Model", Fran tells the photographer she is "only" 15.