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Sunday in the Park with Fran is the 18th episode in the first season of the CBS television series The Nanny which was aired on March 23, 1994.


Maxwell's opening a new play and C.C. tries to please all the critics in order to get a good review. Frank Bradley, a very important critic, doesn't succumb to her attempts and so C.C. has to use Grace, who goes to the same school as Frank Bradley Jr. Although Grace hates the kid, Fran takes them both to the park and has to hit him with a baguette so he would stop annoying Grace. Frank Bradley gets furious and promises to ruin Maxwell's play, but a bad finger sandwich gives him food poisoning and Fran's the one who saves the play by giving it a good review in the theater's door.


Main Cast[]

Recurring Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Miko Hughes as Frank Bradley Jr.
  • Tia Riebling as Mother in the Park
  • Nick Salamone as Announcer
  • Dan Akroyd as Repair Man (uncredited)
  • Eric Braeden as Frank Bradley

Quotes and Trivia[]


Fran: You had to pack that stupid baguette!
Niles: Baguettes don't hurt people; people hurt people.

Fran: Yes, finger sandwich, Mr. Bradley? A man like you deserves a good finger every now and then.

C.C.: Well, if your relatives won't come without a feedbag, I'll be happy to give them their money back and sell their tickets on the street.
Niles: I'll drop you off at your usual corner.

Fran: Well, I wish we'd had this conversation out in the garden. The plants would have loved the fertilizer.

(Fran grabs a bagel from the bread box)
Maggie: Get back, she's armed!
Brighton: (imitating a cop with a megaphone) Put the bagel down and step away from the bread box!

C.C.: I don't think a gift basket is going to get us out of this one. I may have to offer myself.
Niles: Might as well close the play now.

C.C.: I forbid you!
Fran: Forbid, is that the 'f' word I hear?
Grace: That's the 'f' word? What's the big deal?

Gracie: C.C., why does your dog hate you?
Niles: Well, after all, he is a male!

Gracie: I'm not hers . . . Am I?
Fran: No, angel! You don't shed your skin.


  • When Dan Aykroyd enters as the repairman, he says his company's name is "Frost Busters," but the closed caption says "Trashbusters."
  • This is the first time Maxwell and Fran kissed.
  • Maggie wears the same dress she wore to her father’s party in The Pilot to the opening night of the play.
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