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Stop the Wedding, I Want to Get Off is the 17th episode in the first season of the CBS television series The Nanny which was aired on March 16, 1994.


Maxwell's younger sister, Jocelyn, comes from England to visit him and brings her fiancé, Nigel Waters, the Duke of Salisbury, with her. They decide to get married that weekend, with Fran as their wedding planner, but Fran's intuition tells her that something will go wrong with the wedding. As it turns out, Jocelyn is not in love with the duke, but with Lester, her chauffeur. Minutes before the wedding is set to start, Nigel walks in on the two kissing in Maxwell's office, and Jocelyn ends up marrying Lester instead.


Fran Drescher as Fran Fine
Charles Shaughnessy as Maxwell Sheffield
Daniel Davis as Niles
Lauren Lane as C.C. Babcock
Nicholle Tom as Maggie Sheffield
Benjamin Salisbury as Brighton Sheffield
Madeline Zima as Grace Sheffield

Special Guest Stars

Twiggy Lawson as Jocelyn Sheffield
Leigh J. Lawson as Lester

Guest starring

Lane Davies as Nigel Waters
Gregg Rogell as Kenny Keroucan


C.C.: (To Maxwell) I don't know why... I just love weddings.
Niles: Yeah. We all want what we can't have.

Fran: How are you supposed to know what you British are feeling? What? Do you all wear mood rings?

Fran: (To Kenny) This is just an average, ordinary house. Oh, excuse me. I just gotta ask the butler something. (To Niles) Have you seen the Duke?
Niles: Oh, he and Mr. Sheffield have gone yacht shopping.

Nigel: Maxwell, your children are charming. Oh, dear, we forgot to buy them presents. Well, let me give you money.
Maxwell: Oh, Nigel, that´s not necessary.
Nigel: Are you sure? I have lots. I wouldn´t miss it at all.
Maxwell: Quite sure.
Brighton: Excuse me, Dad, but I believe he was talking to us.
Fran: Brighton, don´t be greedy. God will punish you.
C.C.: (Entering the dinning room) Good evening, everyone!
Fran: (to Brighton) See?

Gracie: (To Jocelyn's fianceé) So, did you and Uncle Nigel have fun on the boat?
Jocelyn: What boat, darling?
Gracie: Fran said you hooked a really big fish.
Fran: (Putting a piece of bread in Gracie's mouth) Eat up.

Maxwell's sister Jocelyn: (Upon hearing Fran's laugh) Maxwell, you described her laugh all wrong in your letters. It's nothing like the QE2 adrift in a fog!

Fran: (Upon hearing Max & Jocelyn's nicknames for each other) Puddleducks? Mopsie?
Max: Why, Miss Fine, didn't you have a nickname for your sister?
Fran: Yeah. "Moron."

(Maxwell is speaking on the phone)
C.C.:(To Niles) Who's he talking to?
Niles: What's it worth to you?
Maxwell: (Putting down the telephone for a second) It's my sister, from London.
C.C.: I didn't know Maxwell had a sister.
Niles: Now we know what you're worth to him.
Fran:(entering the room) Was that your sister? I hope you said "Hi" for me.
C.C.: (To Niles) Why does Miss Fine know about her?
Niles: He talks in his sleep.


  • In this episode, Jocelyn was supposed to marry a man named Nigel; in "An Affair to Dismember", we find out she has a brother named Nigel as well.
  • Twiggy (playing Max's sister Jocelyn) and Leigh Lawson (playing Lester the driver) are married in real-life.
  • Twiggy and Fran Drescher both starred on the short-lived series Princesses (1991).
  • Fran references Salisbury steak when meeting the fictional Duke of Salisbury. Salisbury steak was actually invented by Dr. J. H. Salisbury, an American, and has no connection to the real Earl or Marquess of Salisbury. Indeed, in British cuisine, Salisbury steak would be called a grillsteak.
  • Dionne Warwick is here mocked by Fran as being a psychic. In reality, she was a spokesperson for the "Psychic Friends Network" infomercial in the '90s.
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