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Shlomo "Joe" Rosenberg is the deceased husband of Yetta Rosenberg.


Little is known about Shlomo's early life; only that Yetta emigrated from Europe for their engagement several decades before the series begins.

It’s implied that Shlomo and Yetta had experienced the rise of World War II while in Europe, as Yetta stated that the two of them "fled Poland" for their first anniversary.

Some time later, Shlomo and Yetta had their only daughter, Sylvia and their only son Joe.

More than twenty years before the beginning of the series, a chicken bone lodged in Shlomo's throat; unable to properly communicate this, he unfortunately choked to death.


Yetta Rosenberg[]

Shlomo and Yetta were married several decades prior to the series; with their engagement being the reason for Yetta's coming to America. However, Yetta at first confessed that she was unable to marry Shlomo because of having fallen in love with Richard on the boat to the America. After attempting and failing to find Richard, Yetta married Shlomo. How this affected their relationship as a whole is unknown.

Due to her senility, Yetta often forgets that Shlomo is dead and is often found still waiting for him or referring to him as if he were still alive.


  • It’s implied that Yetta has performed sexual acts with Shlomo's corpse.
    • When she states that she has been "holding out" on her husband for 25 years, Fran replies "but he's been dead for 26", to which Yetta responds "don't judge me!"