Season 5 of American comedy series The Nanny aired on CBS.

About Edit

The Nanny's Fran Fine continues to bring her own brand of Queens logic to the posh Sheffield mansion in Manhattan. Although she's getting closer to fulfilling her dream of becoming Mrs. Maxwell Sheffield, Nanny Fine will never really leave the old neighborhood, no matter how long she lives on Park Avenue.

Her bludgeon-like honesty and offbeat nurturing also mark her child care. Maggie, 18, has blossomed since Fran came on the scene, as have brilliant, devious Brighton, 16, and Grace, 11, who no longer has to confide in a therapist.

Also on hand are C. C. Babcock, Maxwell's snooty but elegant business partner, who fantasizes about marrying him too, and Niles, the sardonic butler, who takes fiendish pleasure in poking holes in C.C.'s pretentiousness.

Whether Fran is kibbitzing with Niles in the kitchen or proffering motherly advice, she is unique - the result, maybe, of throwing Fanny Brice into a blender with Lucy.