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Nigel Sheffield is the younger brother of Maxwell Sheffield and a minor recurring character on The Nanny.

He is portrayed by Harry Van Gorkum.


Nigel Sheffield is the younger brother of Maxwell Sheffield. He first appears in the Season 3 finale, A Pup in Paris, when Maxwell came to reprimand him for using his inheritance to buy a nightclub in Paris and meets Fran. Both siblings get into a fight before Fran breaks them up, and Nigel forbids Maxwell from coming to his nightclub, but he and Fran go anyway, and he introduces them to Eartha Kitt before they took the next flight back to New York. He returns in An Affair to Dismember to visit Maxwell who was otherwise occupied and leaves Fran to show Nigel around New York. Nigel literally and figuratively sweeps her off her feet. Nigel asks Fran to marry him and fly back to Europe together but she ultimately rejects him due to her feelings for Maxwell. She later changed her mind, but arrived too late. Later in he series he returns when Fran and Maxwell are engaged, having since been dating a French woman. Meanwhile, Maxwell is still oblivious to the fact that he proposed to Fran, with both parties wanting to keep it that way. Unfortunately, during their bachelor party, Nigel, while drunk, tells Maxwell about it, and he bans him from attending the wedding, and Nigel and his girlfriend leave.