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|Box title = Nettie Fine
|Box title = Nettie Fine
|image =
|image = Image:Nettie.jpg
|imagewidth = 204
|imagewidth = 204
|Row 1 title = First Appearance
|Row 1 title = First Appearance
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|Row 5 title = Age
|Row 5 title = Age
|Row 5 info = Elderly
|Row 5 info = Elderly
36 (series end)
|Row 6 title = Date of Birth
|Row 6 title = Date of Birth
|Row 6 info = Unknown
|Row 6 info = Unknown

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Nettie Fine

First Appearance

Freida Needa Man

Last Appearance

The Grandmas

Episode Count

2 Episodes


Nettie (Fran)



Date of Birth





Mema Fager (sister/sister in-law)
Fran Fine (granddaughter)
Nadine Fine Cooperman (granddaughter)
Sylvia Fine (daughter in-law)
Rose Fine (daughter in-law)
Judy Fine (great niece)


Morty Fine (son)
Stanley Fine (son)
Freida Fine (daughter)
Dave Fine (son)
Mory Fine (son)

Portrayed by

Marilyn Cooper

Nettie Fine or Grandma Nettie was a fictional character on the long-running television sitcom, The Nanny. She was played by the late Marilyn Cooper, known primarily for her work on the Broadway stage.


Not much is known about Nettie. She first appeared in the episode Freida Needa Man, when Fred, Freida's fiancée, was sent to the hospital after dancing with Fran.

She made her second appearance in The Grandmas, when Sylvia threw Morty out of the house. It is shown that she is a heavy smoker like Yetta, and is quite friends with her, even though they sometimes argue on things.

Grandma Nettie is shown to be a bit of a kleptomaniac, like when she found an ashtray from a hotel in her purse. She, like Yetta, is sometimes forgetful too.

She really loves her children and grandchildren, but she despises her daughter in-law Sylvia very much, calling her a "tramp" once. She loves the color pink, so everything in her apartment is pink.

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