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|name =
|image = What the butler sang.jpg
|caption =
|born =
|birthday =
|aka =
|from =
|died =
|education =
|occupation =
|family = [[Fran Fine]]<br/><small>(sister)</small><br/>[[Sylvia Fine]]<br/><small>(mother)</small><br/>[[Morty Fine]]<br/><small>(father)</small><br/>[[Freida Fine]]<br/><small>(paternal aunt)</small><br/>[[Yetta Jones]]<br/><small>(maternal grandmother)</small><br/>
|romances =
|friends =
|actor =
|seasons = [[Season 2]]
|only = [[What The Butler Sang]]
|first =
|last =
|total =
}}'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a guest character on [[The Nanny]]. She is portrayed by
== Character ==
Nadine is the older sister of [[Fran Fine]]. She works as a caterer and, according to Fran, is absent from most family holidays due to her work.<ref>[[The Christmas Show]]</ref> who appeared in episode "[[What the Butler Sang]]" in [[season 2]] episode 22. She clashed with Fran by trying to win the heart of [[Maxwell Sheffield]] but fails. She then gets back together with her husband and the two rejoice their love.
== Notes and references ==

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