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Jocelyn Sheffield is the younger sister of Maxwell Sheffield and a minor recurring character on The Nanny.

She is portrayed by Twiggy in her debut appearance, and in all subsequent appearances by Sophie Ward.


Jocelyn is the sister of Maxwell and Nigel Sheffield, and the only daughter of Hames and Elizabeth Sheffield. Little is known about her early life, though she presumably grew up in the same wealthy environment as the rest of her family.


Initially, Jocelyn is shown to be quite jovial and somewhat playful, particularly when it comes to her older brother Maxwell, with whom she was close in childhood.

In her later appearances, however, particularly after divorcing her husband Lester, Jocelyn is shown to be much more cynical, sarcastic, and a heavier drinker (as other members of the Sheffield family are also implied to be). Whether she is aware of it or not, Jocelyn often says things that damage Fran's and Maxwell's confidence in their relationship.


Maxwell Sheffield[]

Jocelyn and Maxwell are shown to be very close, even still playfully referring to one another by childhood nicknames.

Duke of Salisbury[]

In her introductory episode, Jocelyn and the Duke are engaged. Though they like each other well enough, their relationship appears rather cold and lacking in passion. Their engagement is later broken off when she and Lester realize their feelings for each other, with the Duke walking away surreptitiously to avoid the embarrassment.


Lester was Jocelyn's loyal chauffeur for many years; he and Jocelyn harbored mutual feelings for one another, though they did not realize it without Fran's intervention. Lester and Jocelyn are eventually happily married in the Sheffield home.

Tragically, Jocelyn reveals several seasons later that she and Lester are getting a divorce, stating that their difference in status and background proved too much for their relationship to thrive.


  • Her favorite color is peach and her favorite flowers are roses.


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