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Grace Sheffield is a principal character on the long-running American television situation comedy, The Nanny. She is portrayed by Madeline Zima.


Grace was the youngest of the three Sheffield children. Grace was seeing a therapist when Fran Fine came to work for the family which ultimately was advised by C.C. who apparently 'had been going for twenty years'. In the first season Grace had many imaginary friends, such as Imogene. Grace and Fran became very close, to the point where Grace saw Fran as a maternal figure, since she could remember very little of her own deceased mother, Sara.

Grace was called "Gracie" by Fran. Grace would often accompany Fran shopping, and aided Fran in her schemes. As the years passed, Grace eventually assimilated several of Fran's and Sylvia's Yiddish phrases, Jewish views, quotes, morals and dressing habits into her personality.

She also supported the relationship between Fran and Maxwell quite actively on several occassions.

She became an older sister to her twin half-siblings, Jonah and Eve Catherine Sheffield.

Grace accompanied her family to Los Angeles, when her father accepted an offer to produce a T.V. show there.