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Freida Fine Rubinsky Manerino Chung-Dao Bitterman is the paternal aunt of Fran Fine, sister of Morty Fine, sister-in-law of Sylvia Fine, and a minor recurring character on The Nanny.

She is played by Lainie Kazan.


Freida is the daughter of Nettie Fine and the sister of Morty Fine. After Morty married Sylvia, Freida became the aunt of their two daughters, Nadine and Fran.

Throughout her life, Freida married and buried four wealthy husbands; though despite inheriting their fortunes, financial troubles still seem to plague her from time to time.

Freida was once the owner of Queens discotheque Freida's Le Freak until financial difficulties force her to sell the nightclub.

Feud with Sylvia[]

Freida has had a long-standing feud with her sister-in-law, Sylvia Fine, Fran and Nadine's mother. The feud began at a formal affair when Sylvia "forgot" to tell Freida that the zipper of her dress was down. When Maggie Sheffield decides that she wants to have her Sweet Sixteen party at Freida's disco, the old wounds are reopened. Sylvia feels like Fran is stabbing her in the back by allowing Maggie to have the party at Freida's disco. Fran sits the feuding parties down (with the help of a chocolate cake) and reminds them of the little niceties they have done for each other over the years, and how much more those mean than that one little incident.

Other Appearances[]

After the loss of all her money, Freida comes to stay at the Sheffield house, in hopes of convincing her rich, noncommittal boyfriend to propose to her. Fred loves Freida, but thethought of marriage terrifies him. She finally gets him in front of a rabbi where he says, "I do," and immediately collapses with a heart attack. After bypass surgery, Fred is good as new and the couple honeymoons in the Caribbean.

Freida's last appearance is in the episode titled "The In-Law that Came Forever." After buying the apartment building in which Sylvia and Morty live, Freida promptly evicts them because she hadn't been invited to Fran and Maxwell's wedding. Needless to say, Sylvia and Morty show up at the Sheffield home. (Freida had been invited, but the invitation explicitly forbade her from singing at the event. This she interpreted as a noninvite.) To get her parents back into their own home, Fran, with the help of Freida and the kids, edits her wedding video, adding Freida to the festivities and culminating in requests for Aunt Freida to sing. When the edited video is shown, there isn't a dry eye in the house during Freida's rendition of "I Remember You." Sylvia and Freida make up and Sylvia and Morty are invited back to the apartment.