Freida Fine

First Appearance

A Fine Family Feud

Last Appearance

The In-Law Who Came Forever

Episode Count

4 episodes


Aunt Freida (Fran)




Restaurant Owner


Nettie Fine (mother)
Morty Fine (brother)
Stanley Fine (brother)
Rose Fine (sister in-law)
Sylvia Fine (sister-in-law)
Fran Fine (niece)
Nadine Fine Cooperman (niece)
Barry Cooperman (nephew-in-law)
Maxwell Sheffield (nephew-in-law)
Maggie Sheffield (great niece)
Grace Sheffield (great niece)
Eve Katherine Sheffield (great niece)
Jonah Samuel Sheffield (great nephew)
Brighton Sheffield (great nephew)



Portrayed by

Lainie Kazan

Freida Fine is a fictional character on the situation comedy, The Nanny. She was played by actress Lainie Kazan.

Feud with Sylvia

Freida is the aunt of Fran Fine and Nadine Cooperman and the sister of their father, Morty Fine. She is also the sister-in-law of Fran and Nadine's mother, Sylvia Fine, who has a big feud with her.

The feud began when Sylvia forgot to tell her that the zipper of her dress is not up. She lived at the Sheffield house for one time because her boyfriend doesn't want to propose to her. She got married with her boyfriend but had a heart attack. When Freida said she needs a man in the house, she hired Niles to be her butler when Niles suddenly quits working for Mr. Sheffield when Maxwell doesn't want to give him his raise.

Her last appearance was the episode called "The In Law that Came Forever" when she bought the apartment were Sylvia and Morty had been living and she kicks them out so Sylvia and Morty moved in the Sheffield Mansion. Freida kicked out Sylvia because she didn't invite her to Fran's wedding but when Fran, Freida, Gracie, Maggie and Michael (Maggie's boyfriend and husband-to-be) makes a video of Fran's wedding but they put some of Aunt Freida's videos in it. Sylvia and Freida suddenly make up and Freida invites Sylvia back to the apartment.

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