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Season 1[]

In Season 1 Episode 1 'The Pilot', when Maxwell is working up to giving her job back, he describes Fran as "not like anyone else I've ever met, which is not altogether a bad thing, necessarily."

In Season 1 Episode 6 'The Butler, the Husband, the Wife and Her Mother', Maxwell (pretending to be Niles) tells Fran's family that Maxwell and the children haven't been this happy for a very long time. Fran says thank you and starts to embrace him, then remembers that Maxwell is pretending to be Niles and steps away.

In season 1 Episode 18 ‘Sunday in the Park with Fran’. Maxwell and C.C. scheme to get a positive review for their latest play from notorious critic Frank Bradley, and C.C. suggests that Grace and his son, Frank Jr., go on a play date together, despite Grace saying she dislikes him. Fran supervises the two on a trip to the park, but ends up hitting Frank Jr. with a baguette when the spoiled brat bullies Grace. Fran and Maxwell share their first kiss after the play is declared a hit.

Season 2[]

In Season 2 Episode 7, 'A Star is Unborn'. Fran lands the lead in an off-Broadway production of 'Romeo and Juliet'. While helping Fran rehearse, Maxwell gets a little carried away with the role and kisses Fran passionately.

In season 2 episode 19, "A Fine Friendship," Max is shown to be jealous of Fran's new romantic interest.

In season 2 episode 23, Fran kisses Max to prove that she could win a kissing contest. Later, Fran states she is so happy she could just kiss him again. Mr. Sheffield says that she can if she'd like and puckers up. Fran plants a kiss on his cheek.

In season 2 episode 24, "Strange Bedfellows", it is implied that Fran and Mr. Sheffield were intimate. Fran came home drunk and climbed into bed with a drugged (cold medicine) Maxwell. Later they discuss their 'tells' when they have had sex, Max's being singing and Fran's being itchy ears. The last scene in this episode is Max and Fran standing on opposite sides of a wall, while Max sings and Fran itches her ears. They look at each other in shock.

Season 3[]

Season 3 is when Fran and Mr. Sheffield's relationship begins the take off and they acknowledge they have some feelings about each other

In Season 3 Episode 6, "Shopaholic", Fran is shown to be struggling with a shopping addiction after discovering that her ex-boyfriend Danny Imperiali is engaged to a very pregnant Heather Biblow. Fran becomes upset and worries that life is passing her by. Maxwell does what he can to help her through her tough time. After sharing a tender moment, Fran and Max kiss. Fran passes out and it is said that she doesn't remember the kiss, but does feel much better.

In Season 3 Episode 9, "The Two Mrs. Sheffields", Maxwell's mother comes to visit. Due to their strained relationship, Mr. Sheffield is willing to do anything to spite his mother. When she voices concern over Fran's ability to care for his children, Maxwell responds by proposing to Fran. Fran was ecstatic at first, but quickly realized Mr. Sheffield was only proposing because of his feud with his mother. In the end, Max apologizes and things go back to normal. The pair share many kisses this episode, and it is clear that Fran is thrilled that Max asked her. Max also states that Fran has a crush on him.

In episode 15 of the season "Fashion Show", Mr Sheffield is forced to confront is feelings for Fran as he hires her as the costume director for a charity event. He begins to worry as other characters suggest he's only hired her because he has feelings for her. This episode is filled with gags that imply Fran and Mr. Sheffield are having sex, despite them doing things more innocent than what other characters believe, such as them playing footsie and Fran giving Mr. Sheffield a foot massage under the table after noticing he's stressed. Later in the episode Fran thanks Mr. Sheffield for giving her the opportunity despite being worried about her lack of credentials. Mr. Sheffield gives Fran a kiss on the cheek "for good luck", or more realistically, in gratitude for her honesty and out of love. Fran flirtatiously brushes it off and their relationship remains for the most part the same. In spite of this, Mr Sheffield still refuses to admit he's in love with Fran to C.C., and she makes it clear she doesn't believe him.

Unfortunately this blossoming romance is short lived as the next episode, "Where's Fran?" when Fran is trying to teach Maggie a lesson after catching her smoking, Mr Sheffield catches Fran with a cigarette and calls her stupid. The plot of episode 16 is the family trying to keep Fran and Mr. Sheffield from "leaving" each other. This episode is filled with "married life" gags, such as the kids discussing who they will live with after Fran and Sheffield split up.

In episode 19 of the season, "Love Is A Many Blundered Thing", Fran buys a large billboard in Times Square proclaiming her love for Mr. Sheffield, thinking that he was her secret admirer. After discovering her admirer was actually one of Brighton's friends, Fran recruits Val's help to paint over the billboard she bought. When Val questions her about this Fran tells her she doesn't want to look desperate. When Val tries to confirm that Fran is in love with Mr. Sheffield, Fran responds "Not if he ain't in love with me!". Despite their efforts, Sheffield is informed of this billboard by his rival, Andrew Lloyd Webber. Sheffields reaction is relatively positive, having a light laugh before Niles reminds him that Sheffield was very much not in the Valentine's day mood at the beginning of the episode. Sheffield takes a gift basket from C.C. to bring to Fran, who at that point was hanging by a rope in front of the billboard. They share a heartfelt moment, almost kissing before getting "rescued" by authorities.

In episode 20, "Your Feet's To Big" Fran has a dream she kisses Sheffield but she's woken up by her mother. Fran pleads to go back to sleep saying she was fulfilling both of their dreams. When she's done having a conversation with her mother. Fran decides to finish the dream, snuggling back into the couch with a pillow. Fran is woken up by Sheffield, who was encouraged to "talk" to her by Niles. Fran is confused when Sheffields monologue mimics that of her dream and she assumes she dreaming and is disappointed to find out Sheffield wanted to go to her modeling reunion, rather than make out with her on the couch like her dream. After the reunion Fran and Mr. Sheffield spend some time alone together on the porch and it is revealed Fran was telling people at the reunion they were married.

In episode 21 "Where's the Pearls?", when Fran loses her memory, she assumes that she and Mr. Sheffield are married and that the 3 children are hers. She finds Mr. Sheffield in the bath and climbs in with him, calling him "hubby". At first, Mr. Sheffield tells Fran that they are married at it's their 10th anniversary (seeing as Grace is 10 years old at this point this feeds into the idea that Grace is her biological child). When Mr. Sheffield attempts to clarify, she immediately assumes that he hired her as a hooker before Mr. Sheffield tells her she's the nanny. They begin to playfully splash each other when arguing over who should get out first and Niles walks in on them, immediately rushing to inform C.C. The next morning, when Fran comes down for breakfast, Fran asks Sheffield "I've been dressing like this for 3 years and there's nothing going on between us?" voicing her disbelief that they don't have a relationship (something the viewer knows is untrue). Fran asks Mr. Sheffield what he does and he responds "Musical Theatre" leading Fran to believe Mr. Sheffield is gay. The episode ends with Fran remembering who she is, but not before being chased down by Mr. Sheffield for losing Elizabeth Taylor's pearls

In episode 24, "Green Card" Fran begins to flirt with Brighton's new French tutor, Philippe. When Mr. Sheffield catches the two of them kissing before they leave for a date, Philippe suggests that Sheffield is jealous when he makes snappy remarks about Fran kissing one of the kids tutor. Sheffield brushes him off and Philippe accuses him of being a "cuckold". Sheffield is insulted by this and the two begin to trade insults with Fran standing between them. In the next scene Sheffield complains about Philippe to Niles, which could show he is jealous, or just that he felt disrespected by one of his employees. Mr Sheffield begins to doubt his looks to Niles, though, meaning he probably was feeling some jealousy over Fran. Mr Sheffield is even more confused when Fran announces her engagement. Fran slyly accuses Mr. Sheffield of not romancing her when he had the chance and they get into a tizzy over what she's trying to say. After another exchange in the kitchen, an immigration officer comes in to confirm Fran and Philippe aren't getting married for convenience. After a steamy exchange of Philippe and Fran flirting and kissing, Maxwell and Niles are shown listening at the kitchen door, calling Philippe ridiculous (Niles of course doesn't miss an opportunity to tease him about this). When Maxwell finds out Philippe kissed C.C., he is all too excited to announce this to Fran, and Fran, in retaliation to Philippe, "frenches" Maxwell in front of him. When Philippe shrugs it off, Maxwell takes advantage of the situation to dip Fran into another kiss. They continue to kiss until C.C. tells them they've "made their point". Fran kicks Philippe out of the house and she's once again, single. Maxwell suggests they go out for dinner to make her feel better, swooping in to comfort her when she's upset.

In episode 26 "Ship of Fran's", Fran goes on a ship expecting to find the love of her life as she was told by a psychic told her she'd find him there. Mr. Sheffield, of course, acts on his subconscious jealousy and schedules a cruise for him and the kids for Brighton's Bar Mitzvah, on the same boat in order to keep an eye on Fran. He says that it's because he doesn't want the kids to lose her because of a false prophecy though, his behavior throughout the season prior to the alludes to it being deeper than that. Fran is insulted by this and feels the Mr. Sheffield is intruding on her. Niles begins to agree with her until he is invited on the trip too. When on the ship, Fran finds a man who fits the psychic's description but when the man asks if she's taken, Mr. Sheffield finally finds her. Fran is able to brush him off after Yetta embarrasses him and the pursuer seems undeterred. Because the children are on the ship, Fran does carry on her nanny duties, spending time on a paddle boat with them and reading by the beach as she watches them. In this same montage, Mr. Sheffield is seen taking his glasses off to get a view of Fran's backside as she undresses to swim with the kids. Mr. Sheffield and Fran are also seen talking to each other, one on one, as the sunsets in the distance. The montage ends with the pair drinking at the bar and they talk about how much they enjoyed their day. When Fran talks about her new lover (Steve), Maxwell begins to point out his flaws and Fran shrugs it off, right as Steve approaches. Maxwell goes leave them to themselves when Steve invites him to join them. Maxwell contemplates this but does the right thing and leaves. When the Mambo competition starts Steve is taken off the ship and Fran is left without a partner. Maxwell volunteers to dance with her and they execute their number flawlessly. Despite Maxwell fitting the description the psychic gave her, Fran calls it a waste of money and the episode ends with her dragging Mr. Sheffield off the dance floor with her.

In Season 3 episode 26, "A Pup in Paris", Fran accidentally gets stuck on a plane taking her and Maxwell to Paris. They spend a lovely weekend together, enjoying the sights and having dinner. Maxwell decides he should live life to the fullest and takes Fran into his arms. The scene quickly shifts to them on a plane back to the states as they had come to their senses and decided not to be impulsive. The plane hits some scary turbulence, and Mr. Sheffield, thinking he is about to die, finally tells Fran he loves her. They share a passionate kiss.

Season 4[]

In Season 4 episode 1, "The Tart with Heart", Fran and Mr. Sheffield are shown to have survived the plane ride. Fran is thrilled that Max finally told her he loves her, but Maxwell regrets it. He says he only blurted it out because he thought he was going to die. Fran is devastated that he took it back, but ultimately forgives him and they decide to be friends. Maxwell says he doesn't want to risk everything they have together, and Fran understands that he has a hard time committing due to all he has been through. While they go back to normal, Fran is clearly still hurt by what happened. Max taking back I love you is mentioned several times throughout the season, and is referred to as "The Thing".

In Season 4 episode 4, "Me and Mrs. Joan", Fran arranges a reunion between Maxwell and his estranged father, James. It is revealed that Mr. Sheffield senior married a secretary who is remarkably like Fran. As the two men begin to reconcile, Max starts to come around to his fathers way of thinking. Max says he is going to start living for pleasure, and he and Fran share a very steamy kiss. They are quickly interrupted by Maxwell's father, who has given a bad stock tip to Sylvia Fine costing her $25,000. Outraged, Max tells his father to get out of his house and apologizes to Fran for considering being with her.

Season 5[]

Season 6[]