A Plot for Nanny


January 19, 1994

Written by

Sandy Krinski & Lisa Garrett

Directed by

Paul Miller

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Sylvia gets Fran plots at the cemetery for her birthday as a way to set her up with the mortuary manager. When Fran's setup date goes well, Mr. Sheffield tries to establish some limits for her. But he doesn't have to go too far when Fran's date decides to become a clown.

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  • Matt McCoy as Steve Mintz

Quotes and Trivia Edit

Quotes Edit

Sylvia: What are you waiting for? You think Mr. Right is just gonna walk right up, knock on your door and say 'Here I am!' (Maxwell walks in through the door)
Maxwell: Ah, there you are!

Fran: Well, let me just clarify this, we are talking about having sex in my room, are we not?!
Maxwell: No, not us.
Fran: We already covered that.

Maxwell: This is all very awkward, I've, uhh, not had to have this conversation with other nannies. Of course, they weren't nearly as attractive as you.
Fran: Oh well...
Maxwell: As master of this house, there are certain things that I expect.
Fran: Oh, Mr. Sheffield, maybe I should have read the fine print!

(In reference to Fran and her date)
Maxwell: I can't see anything between them.
Niles: (as Maxwell opens the kitchen door, they see Fran and her date kissing) I can't see anything between them either.

C.C.: Where's Maxwell?
Niles: He's gone upstairs to discuss with Miss Fine the possibility of having sex in her room.

Brighton: You know Fran, you gotta get this guy out of your system, I mean, I got midterms coming up.
Fran: I got middle age coming up, I win.

Trivia Edit

  • Watch the fork Maggie's waving around at breakfast when speaking about Philip. The food on it vanishes when the angle changes.
  • When the family meets the mortuary manager (Steve) for the first time, the shot before Max is sitting down with Niles standing beside him over by the fireplace and Brighton and Grace are by the TV. The very next shot they are all over by the door to meet Steve.
  • Maxwell: Is that the London Times?
    An Englishman would never refer to this newspaper as "The London Times", but just call it by its proper name: "The Times", although this was probably done not to confuse it with the "New York Times"